Kristin Carole Hall
purple cat records

Who Is She?
The Story Behind The Song

Maybe it's the way you look out the window
When I try to tell you I'll always be true.
Or maybe it's the tears that fall on my pillow
When I think of all the years I wasted on you.
So, I'll bring down the curtain on this ridiculous show.
But there's only one thing, baby, that I want to know.
Baby, who is she? Baby, who is she?

Have you told her yet you'll always stay with her?
Tell me, she cannot see that's just a pretty lie?
That no matter what she does, you say you'd always,
Always forgive her.
Why should she be treated much better than I?
Well, I won't keep you waiting as I head for the door.
But, I wanna know, gotta know,
Please, please, please won't you let me ask you once more:
Baby, who is she? Baby, who is she?

When they told me you were stepping out on me, baby,
I called them all fools for telling me such a pack of lies.
But, now I see that they weren't joking, it was all true.
And all I can do now is cry.

Maybe one day soon, I'll wake up and wonder
Why I wasted time on a fool such as you.
When I feel the lightning and the thunder
Of someone who can show me what real love can do.
But one thing will still be there on the back of my shelf.
Oh, I'll never, ever know - never know
Unless you tell me yourself
Baby, who is she? Baby, who is she?

©2004 by Kristin Carole Hall & Purple Cat Music. All Rights Reserved.

Who Is She? Back Story

This started with the opening bass, guitar, piano & organ lick and grew to what it was supposed to be. At the time, I didn't realize that I was accurately writing my own life, but I have already pointed out that I am generally clueless. The chorus is a primal scream for anyone who has ever lost their partner to an anonymous woman. You want to know, but you don't want to know.


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