Kristin Carole Hall
purple cat records

Rose That You Are
For Elizabeth, On Her Birthday.

The Story Behind The Song

Sunshine halo, framing flashing sea-blue eyes.
Glimpse of dimple, belies the smile
That you're trying so hard to hide.
But you might as well try to hide
The stars on a winter's night.
They will always shine through,
Shining on just like you.
I like to watch you unfold
Like the rose that you are.
Now that you've finally, finally
Found your sunshine.

Gentle spirit, winging on it's dreams of gold.
Softly breathing, letting loose the beauty
The past has kept in your soul.
Spiraling up to the sunshine
Letting your colours flow outward again.
You bring a smile to all who see
Just what you look like to me.
I like to watch you unfold
Like the rose that you are.
Now that you've finally, finally
Found your sunshine.
Found your sunshine...

©2004 by Kristin Carole Hall & Purple Cat Music. All Rights Reserved.

Rose That You Are Back Story

Ever the prodigal musician daughter, I squandered the '90s doing improv theatre (well), sketch comedy (well) & standup (well...very, very poorly...I really sucked at it!) instead of doing music. By February of 2003, I knew there was no hope for doing music. My left arm was too weak & painful. I was too old. I was still unemployed after being laid off in late 2001. I hadn't played or written in years. And, yet, for some reason I still cannot fathom I decided that since I couldn't afford to buy Elizabeth anything for her birthday, I'd write her a song instead.

Getting the songwriting to go again was like getting a push mower to go for the first time after a long winter outside. It was tough going getting the rust to loosen & release until I could get the mind working in that direction again & finish the song. But, am I glad I did.

There are times when you run into someone whom life has just beaten down into a little puddle of clay. Often our trained temptation as friends, family, lovers is to try to mold that clay in to what we think it "should be". Instead, sometimes the best thing we can do is to simply let it be. Support the ones we love, like a trellis for a vine, and let their own seed take root, emerge and become who they will. Watching them grow in this fashion really is just like watching a rose as it unfolds with sun, water & nourishment and reminds me of the pre-Christian Celtic Prayer: "I am as a bluestar spiraling up to the sun."

I am only glad that the song is as beautiful as as the person who inspired it.


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