Kristin Carole Hall
purple cat records

I Know
The Story Behind The Song

Well, I never saw you, baby, sitting next to her;
But I know...
You've never said a thing; you've never changed your way;
But I know...
I can feel it inside.
It's just not the same,
Although you say that we haven't changed.
Can't you see our love's died?
No matter what you say, I know.

Well, you never touch me, baby, like you used to do.
You know, you know that it's true.
No use pretending it's the best you can do.
We both know that it's done between us two.
It's something you can't deny.
We both deserve better, just tell me what you feel inside.
Please, just say your love's died.
No matter what you do, I know...I know.

We're much too old to be playing this game.
Is this any way for good friends to behave?
What's that you say, babe, that there's no-one to blame?
Just tell me the truth, there's nothing left of my heart to save

I can feel it inside.
Your heart's gone cold.
Don't lie, don't lie anymore.
It's something you can't deny.
No matter what you say, I know...I know.

©2004 by Kristin Carole Hall & Purple Cat Music. All Rights Reserved.

I Know Back Story

Long before I became a Pagan, much less started appreciating my Muse, my songs would reveal things that were happening in my life long before I was aware of them. In quick succession, this song, "Who Is She?" and "Don't You Take Me For Granted" flowed from my primordial brain.

Then, one day, my S.O. at the time noticed this song sitting on my piano. It was there simply because it was my newest piece & I'd been working on it. But, its presence elicited this response: "Soooooo...does this refer to anything in particular?" Hmmmmmmm...I hadn't known. Now, I did. Jerk.

In 2003, this song underwent another renovation when my producer said, "This song is an accusation. Can you make cheaters squirm in their seats when you sing this?" Out went the poppy, piano-based ballad. In came the soulful guitar version. Cheaters beware.


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