Kristin Carole Hall
purple cat records

Going Home
The Story Behind The Song

Strange circumstances caught me alone.
Funny how life dances through the years.
I'm going home.

Well, I tried the game. It caught me complete.
Thought I'd listen to my heartstrings, didn't know I missed a beat.
But, I'm going home.

Won't you write me a letter? Tell me how you be?
Won't you write me a letter? Be a friend to me?
I'm going home.

Didn't know the old guard could ever be so cruel.
Makes me wish somehow i could just go back to school.
I'm going home.

Won't you write me a letter? Tell me how you've been?
Won't you write me a letter, darling? Just be my friend...

And I'm young & yet I feel so old.
Shy & yet I act so bold.
And I'm going home.

And I'm older everyday, wiser in every way.
I've been knocked around by this dirty, old town
And I haven't got much to say.
Except I'm going home.

'Cause home is where the heart is.
Home is where there's life.
Home is where the love is...

©2004 by Kristin Carole Hall & Purple Cat Music. All Rights Reserved.

Going Home Back Story

This is a song about getting fired, pure & simple. Yes, age & treachery really can prevail over youthful enthusiasm. The good thing about this song is its appearance put me briefly back in touch with my talents. I had written a lot of music when I was a kid, but soon learned that such talents were to be put away with other "childish & meaningless things". So, I did. However, as I made the hours-long drive home with my stuff, this song appeared. Luckily, I had the presence of mind to save it instead of throwing it away. I'd like to say that it opened the floodgates of creativity, but it was some time before I wrote again.


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